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We can help optimize your email templates.

Untangle Your Goals

All companies try to make the most of each email they send, but all those 'add ons' can quickly tank an email's effectiveness. We can help you prioritze your message within the structure of your company's unique business goals.

Manage The Moving Parts

Responsive Design. It can be difficult for you to stay on top of every new email pitfall. We can help ensure your message is being delivered and displayed consistently.

Map Your Reach

Who's been reading your emails? Who hasn't? Are mobile devices garbling your emails or worse... do people think they're spam? We can help identify what's working, and with who.


We can help you understand the effectiveness of your emails.


The only way to truly understand the effectiveness of your emails is by testing. We can help you implement an email testing plan that is goal-based.


We can help identify you track the variables that affect your effectiveness, including the ones you don't see.


We can help determine which metrics are key to tracking your effectivness.


We can we help you refine your processes.

  • Practical Design Guidance

    We can provide practical design guidance to optimize your email delivery, tailored to your messaging infrastructure and unique deployment environment.

  • Test Data Analysis

    We can help turn your test data into usable and insightful feedback.

  • Targeted Messaging Plans

    We can help narrow the focus of your messaging to help target the specific persona(s) of your desired contacts.

  • Optimal Communications Processes

    We can help optimize your communications process and create a feedback loop that will enable continual insight growth.

  • Lather,

Our Team

We have been designing, building, analyzing, deploying and deconstructing emails since 2007. We have have worked for over 200 B2B and B2C comapnies. We can help you.

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